About Callie

About CallieHey, I’m Callie. This is my blog about my crazy life in front of and off-camera. I’ve been modeling for a bunch of years and have been lucky enough to work with some of the coolest kids fashion magazines and walk the catwalk during kids’ fashion week in New York. I’ve been dressed by some of fashion’s top stylists and ‘done up’ by some ah-mazing makeup artists. I’ve worn cat ears, done pouty poses, jumped, screamed and twirled for the camera—I even got to fly to Paris for a shoot last year (Looooove Paris!). I can’t really believe this is my life. Every picture shows a different “me.” Sometimes I look space age, sometimes I look old fashioned, sometimes I look girly girl, sometimes I look tough as nails. It’s nuts. But if you want to know the real me, here are the facts: I’m the girl who can’t go a day without video chatting my friends, I love to shop and I’m mad about mac & cheese. I have an amazingly talented big sis (she’s a singer & I sometimes play the drums with her), a twin brother who’s usually pretty cool, and really supportive parents who put up with all this craziness.

Speaking of my family, my mom taught me that the best things in life are to be shared, and so I started sharing all of the fashion intel I got with my friends. Then I thought maybe more people might want to know. Why not!?

So here’s my blog – the inside scoop –of all the stuff I’ve learned in the fashion biz. I want to give a huge shout out to stylist Michel Onofrio (she’s worked with everyone from Sophia Vergara, Zoe Zelda to Amy Poehler (and me) and is AMAZING and cool & nice as well). She’s become a friend. As she helps me put together insanely cute outfits, I’ll post them for you and break them down! The best part—unlike the magazine work I’ve done where clothes range from Gucci to Stella McCartney and cost a bazillion $$, these are outfits any of us could afford! Cheap-Chic! Gotta love that! Every piece costs under $50 and some cost no more than $5.

Anyway, welcome to my blog!

Now that that’s out of the way, we can get started…

I hope you enjoy this & find it helpful! I’d love if you write to me, ask questions and if I can’t answer them, I’ll ask my peeps & get you answers. Now you can be an insider too.